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Our Projects

Replica WW1 Trench System

Using experimental archaeology we have built a complete replica of the Railway Wood trench in Ypres, Belgium, which is one of the most well preserved British front line WW1 trenches remaining. Taking about 1 year to build using the exact same materials and methods used by our ancestors, our trench is complete with gun positions, a dug out, German Front line and No Man’s Land.

Constructing a WW2 Anderson Shelter

Using experimental archaeology we are expanding our portfolio in 2022 to include Life on the Home Front in WW2. This project involves the construction of a civilian Anderson Shelter, dug into the ground following the design specifications issued by the British Government at the time. Alongside this we will be creating our own Victory Garden prompting discussion about rationing and the Dig For Victory campaign, a recreation of a bombed damaged house to introduce the subject of evacuation and a replica outside lavatory to add further realism and context to what life was like in early 1940s Britain. 

Future Projects for 2023

2023 will see a range of new and exciting projects including the continued development of the British Trench and also further construction carried out on the opposition German Trench. 
We will continue to develop our WW2 Home Front area with the expansion of our Victory Garden and the introduction of an original Morrison Shelter. 
We are exploring fundraising opportunities to  support us in re-constructing the only MOIR pillbox in the UK.  
We are also excited to start work on our very own Trench Railway which will represent the military adaptation of early 20th century railway technology to the problems of keeping soldiers supplied and of transporting the wounded during the static trench warfare phase of World War I. 

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